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Sep 4

Feb 21

+++ “Horn” live at the Scottish Rite theater in Austin, TX, on November 24, 2012 +++

Nov 21

‎+++ Live footage of “7x7” +++

This song’s about the belief that after dying we spend 49 days in an in-between state. Buddhists call it the Bardo. Sometimes it’s described as climbing up a road or path on a mountainside. Sometimes it sounds more like being exiled to the outskirts of a town where you’re not exactly welcome anymore, or at least not yet. Sometimes it’s more positive. I tend to think we enter an in-between phase like that every time a big change happens to us. Seven weeks sounds like about how long it takes to get used to yourself again. It’s normal. Feels good to think about that. -DJF

Oct 12

+++ We played for Songs From A Room in a teepee our friend Peppy built. Thanks to Lobo Sucio for their filming and editing work +++

Oct 10

+++ vid for the gospel ‘Ella’ +++

Oct 7

+++ Video for “Fly Bird Fly” from the Wasp EP +++

Helicopter footage of Colorado’s Ridgway Dam, Uncompahgre River, Curecanti Creek, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Apr 4

Official video for Taos Hum

Feb 20


UNDER THE FULL MOON Thursday, March 8

UPDATE: the guest list is full, but people will be coming and going, so if you forgot to RSVP and there is room in the building, you are still most welcome. 

Space will be limited, so RSVP: send an email to and we will put you and up to one of your lovers on the list.

Ten bucks to get in, and guests receive free beer, copies of the new single, and bowls of this fucking delicious Brazilian black bean stew we make called Feijoada.

7pm we meet, eat, drink, and be merry

8pm The Baker Family

9pm Lord Buffalo

10pm Salesman

Jan 26